#LRCrafts: DIY Passion

If you can think it, you can make it

We are Locutus and Rici, a crafter family sharing the passion for anything do-it-yourself.

You can find our crafts made with all sorts of techniques: from string art to embroidery, from woodworking to cement, from sewing to epoxy resin…

Our specialties? String art, lucet, hand embroidery and anything wood-related. We have a series of historical reenactment projects, from clothes to bows and arrows to wooden stuff.

Explore our blog for tutorials, an in-depth about the making of our crafts, resources for fellow crafters and also travel tips.

The lucet

Here you’ll find a lot about the lucet, from archaeological research to books, from modern projects to workshops…

Mainly used in living history events to make laces or cords, it’s super easy to learn.

Coming soon: Rici is writing a book on the history and technique of the lucet.

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Travelling Crafters

Travel can be awesome to inspire new crafts!

Explore our “Travelling Crafters” section!
Find our not-to-miss for fellow crafters: local traditions, awesome crafters or handmade projects, artisans’ shops, hidden gems, awesome museums and exhibits, events, all the places we loved visiting.

Plus, the special Meet the crafter to know DIY artists from all over the world.

Resources: tutorials and patterns


The special pages show posts and projects of a particular topic or season, regardless of the technique used.

There’s a section for historical reenactment, where you can find our journey through studying, improving and crafting for Medieval and Celtic reenactments. A particular topic is related to the lucet tool and lucetting techniques: it could seem a subsection of the reenactment stuff, but lucetting is more than braids for historical bags.

A super special page is the one in italian, especially created for our compatriots who prefer reading in their italian mothertongue.

String art: crafting with nails and thread

String art is one of our main techniques.

We love experimenting with nails and thread, and we also developed our own weaving technique using a special helper tool: a hole punch for leather inherited by Locutus’s grandfather.

Discover our projects, how-tos, FAQ and tips.

#LRCrafts: DIY passion

If you can think it, you can make it

In our family we share a passion for DIY in all its forms.
Our name #LRCrafts comes from our web nicknames: Locutus & Rici Crafts.

Together we make crafts with several techniques and materials, for decorative purposes or to solve problems, adding functionality where we need it.

Here we tell what we do and how, the experiments we come up with, what we learn along the road, we show our projects.

#LRCrafts: DIY passion by Locutus and Rici, husband and wife